Friday, April 9, 2010

Tee Shirt Frenzy!

I've been in a clothing mood lately and I decided to to another Yudu project and a project using the Cricut with fabric.  I like the way both turned out.

For the Cricut and fabric project, I used the Indie Art cart and created this abstract 8-ball on the back of a tank-top. I cut each layer out of a different fabric to get my hodgepodge look and added some decorative stitching in the end.


My Yudu project was really simple.  I cut an image from Straight From The Nest and the wording from Forever Young out of vinyl.  I applied them to transparencies and then proceeded as usual with the process.  I used the leftover "8" I had from the tank-top as my own personal joke and added some buttons to give it that Craftin' Curt touch.

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