Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Mom's 60th Birthday Card

I made this card after getting an idea to create a waterfall card that doesn't open, but has all the info within the waterfall panels (and has much larger waterfall squares than normal). Enjoy!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Custom Pagoda Artwork

This project was for Platinum Scraps, where I'm a member of the design team.  It was a free-for-all project using paper provided by a sponsor.  I decided to go completely the opposite way from card-making and create some wall art.  I used an 11x17 canvas and painted the background.  I used the Pagoda cart for the crane image and cut the Japanese symbols for "Dream, Believe, Celebrate."  From there it was just a matter of layout, affixing and topcoating it before placing it in a frame.

This is a fun project and a great way to get that unique piece of art for that special spot in your home!!

Tee Shirt Frenzy!

I've been in a clothing mood lately and I decided to to another Yudu project and a project using the Cricut with fabric.  I like the way both turned out.

For the Cricut and fabric project, I used the Indie Art cart and created this abstract 8-ball on the back of a tank-top. I cut each layer out of a different fabric to get my hodgepodge look and added some decorative stitching in the end.


My Yudu project was really simple.  I cut an image from Straight From The Nest and the wording from Forever Young out of vinyl.  I applied them to transparencies and then proceeded as usual with the process.  I used the leftover "8" I had from the tank-top as my own personal joke and added some buttons to give it that Craftin' Curt touch.