Friday, January 29, 2010

Layouts Virgin No More!

So, my sister kept telling me I should try to do layouts and I finally gave in and gave it a try.  The result?  I'm in love!!  It's like creating a huge card and it leaves the imagination super-free to roam.  With that said, these are my first attempts.  I decided to take from my sister (and many others) and do a scrapbook that's all about me.  I'm sure I'll get better as time goes on, but I'm proud of myself for completing them!

I made this from a layout sketch on .  The site really launches at the beginning of February, but I have a little inside scoop on it!

After going circle crazy, I wanted to do a page about my birth.   I haven't added pics and my birth stats to this yet, but I'll share it anyway!

Some detailed views:

I'm sure you'll be seeing many more layouts in posts to come!


  1. So happy you posted your lo's on the cricut mb so I could find your wonderful blog! What fab cards...true the layouts as well...would never know they were your first!
    I'll be back!

  2. Ok, now you must follow the rule of Tonya. Tell me what cart you are using in each layout. I just love this layout. Pam, is especially adorable.

  3. Okay, Tonya! I used Everyday paper dolls for my family & the stroller, Store Front for the picture frames and the mirror and everything else I made myself in SCAL. The hardwood floor was a happy accident I created and the window and mirror are covered in transparency to acheive the glass look. Thanks for the compliment b/c I LOVE your layouts! They are AMAZING!

  4. Curt, your LO is wonderful!!! Thanks for participating in the sketch challenge