Monday, February 15, 2010

Yudu T-Shirts

It occured to me over the weekend that I haven't posted any Yudu creations.  So, here are a couple of t-shirts I did.

This one is a guilty pleasure, because I must admit, I'm a huge fan of the Twilight Series.  I used vinyl and a Cricut SVG rather than emulsion to create this one.

I added a little "fang stitching" over the T just to make it a little deconstructed (I obviously forgot to trim my threads before taking the pic!).

I used freezer paper and the Indie Art cart to make this one.  I'm sure you recognize that image and the cart is PERFECT for t-shirts!  The freezer paper can be easily ironed directly to the Yudu screen without harming it ( by using a pressing cloth) and holds up for a few prints. 

Both of these techniques (vinyl & freezer paper) are best used when you only need to print the image a few times at most.  It saves your emulsion and you can reclaim the screen without any emulsion remover or hot water soaking.  This only works, however, for images that don't have a great amount of detail.  It's definitely not a replacement for emulsion, just an alternative for those quick projects!

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