Friday, February 26, 2010


I receieved this blog award from a Cricut Messageboard friend, Pink E and  I want to thank her immensely and also thank all of my followers and random visitors to my blog.  This is my first blog and in a few short months, it has become a success as far as I'm concerned!

Along with receiving the award comes the rule to pass it along to six other people whom have inspired you and whose work you admire.  Those blogs are:

Pam aka P-Kay Sunshine


Carolyn Deline

The Ladies of Platinum Scraps

Jeannie Phillips

Andy Pearson

Please visit them and browse their amazing work!  Become inspired as I did.  Once again, thanks Pink E and thanks to my followers!


  1. You are too sweet. You have taken the card section of the board by storm and are now challenging us to step up our game in the layout section. I will pass on the sunshine award as well.

    Thanks and keep scrappin. Oh yes, where are my details. LOL.

  2. Hi Curt, I saw your blog on the cricut MB. I left you an award on my blog. Come and get it of you have time.