Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Catching Up withThe Date Night Card

I posted this card a little while ago on the Cricut MB abd received a lot of comments and questions about the shower curtain. 

It was actually quite simple to create, so I'll go ahead and share the steps with you:

1.  Cut out the shape you want using the George card and welded shapes or SCAL.  For this card, I needed a front and back to create the look of an oval, wrap-around curtain.  You will need to cut the shape(s) out of both cardstock and vellum.
2.  Emboss the vellum layer with a Cuttlebug folder or other embossing tool.
3.  Glue the vellum over the cardstock.
4. Ink or chalk both your edges and your embossed design and you're DONE!

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  1. This is super cute!